Monday, August 15, 2011

Anyone else have this problem?

    So the last few weeks that I've been playing mw2 search and destroy with my buddies, we have ran into opposing teams that all "try" to quick-scope and go for trick shots. It is actually funny to watch them attempt to 360 spin off a building and no scope us while we just gun them all down/actually snipe them in a legit way/or any other way.
    I guess it isn't so much of a problem considering we usually beat these teams 4-0...but it is just really funny to watch and laugh at these wannabe youtube stars.



  1. Nope, well, that's because I don't even own the game. I prefer CoD4.

  2. Can't wait for MW3 haha, hope we'll play together.
    take a look at my foreigner life in NYC on my blog :)